In the 1930s when it was first made, Neoprene aimed to protect divers and fishermen during immersions in icy waters. Its contemporary role expanded to clothing and water sports equipment and went on to eventually win over catwalks: Chanel, Balenciaga, Armani, Comme des Garçons, Phillip Lim, Gareth Pug, Zac Posen and many others; also the beaches and their refined high end clients. Recently the fabric gained thinner and more malleable versions, and has been highlighted for its versatility and exceptional quality.




– Shapes the body
Neoprene is naturally more structured. Because it is made from rubber, the fabric is denser, making it shape the body when used and enhancing the natural female form.

– Dry’s quickly
The fabric does not absorb water. When submerged, it dries very fast, making the neoprene bikini an absolutely practical option.

– Does not crease
As it is malleable, it goes back to its original structure after naturally adhering to body shapes for a while. But if it is stored folded and crumpled, it can definitively crease or wrinkle.

– More durable
Its durability is proven to be much higher than other fabrics. On top of being beautiful, functional and practical, Neoprene bikini’s also have a longer lifespan!

– Is Beach Couture
Geometric cutouts, color compositions and prints, structured and unique designs make the desire for neoprene bikinis re-flourish every season, and makes the SALT SUN & BIKINI Beach Couture concept the perfect and definitive choice for moments on the beach and by the pool.



To create the perfect bikini in a shape that women love, using the innovative neoprene fabric and with a structure involving the body, SALT SUN & BIKINI uses the technique of the most sophisticated, avant-garde and unprecedented fashion creations for beachwear: moulage. In contrast to the traditional flat moulding, moulage works in three dimensions allowing us to shape and cut the fabric replicating the sketch previously drawn. That way, it is possible to refine the finish and the perfect neoprene fit, fitting the body perfectly.



– Hand wash only with fresh cold water. Dry it inside out on a flat surface and out of direct sunlight.

– Do not machine wash or tumble dry.

– Store your bikini flat. Do not fold it as the neoprene can easily crease and create permanent marks.

– Avoid rough surfaces, as they may damage the neoprene.

– SALT SUN & BIKINI looks great with accessories; however, pay attention to metals that can attach and damage the neoprene.

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