Moulage de Raf Simons para Maison Dior

To create the perfect bikini in a shape that women love, using the innovative neoprene fabric and with a structure involving the body, SALT SUN & BIKINI uses the technique of the most sophisticated, avant-garde and unprecedented fashion creations for beachwear: moulage. In contrast to the traditional flat moulding, moulage works in three dimensions.

Moulage: from the French verb mouler – to mold, form, model, sculpt.

Moulage de Raf Simons para Maison Dior
Moulage de Raf Simons para Maison Dior

Draping in English, or moulage in French, is an artistic work – which refers to the Greek and Roman outfits and Indian saris – during which the fabric is shaped directly on the body or mannequin in order to obtain markings that give geometrical shape to the mold. This method enables the direct visualization of the results, the product’s appearance and the perfect fit on the body.

SS&B’s creative team uses the moulage technique with the neoprene, allowing us to shape and cut the fabric replicating the sketch previously drawn. That way, it is possible to refine the finish and the perfect neoprene fit, fitting the body perfectly.

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